Kentucky Basketball


When the regular season began, Kentucky was one of the clear cut favorites to win the NCAA title. And early on they looked like the undisputed favorite to win it all. But in recent weeks Kentucky has stumbled quite a bit in terms of rank and odds to win the tournament.

It all started with a loss to UCLA just like last year, after losing to UCLA Kentucky has been on a bit of a skid. Losing one of their last games to Florida by 22. Usually these losses happen earlier in the season when the players are still learning to play as a team. We usually say that Coach Cal will have them ready come March, but this year March is just right around the corner, and the team is still trying to figure each other out.

It is expected to have growing pains with a whole new crew of freshmen players but it has never been this bad in the 8 years that John Calipari has coached the Kentucky Wildcats.

So what’s wrong with the Wildcats now? Well its a combination of several things. First off the dribble drive is not working, they need to find a better way to score because what they are used to just ins’t going to cut it this year. Secondly, Bam needs to start hitting free throws and going into the low block with power instead of expecting people to get out of his way. He needs to push them out of his way and go up to score the basketball. Lastly, they need to play together as a team and trust each other. Right now there is so much hero ball going on that it is ridiculous. Everyone is trying to do too much and it is hurting the team badly. Everybody just needs to calm down and trust in their teammates to get the ball to them when they need to.

If Kentucky continues on this skid they could very well find themselves out of the tournament come the middle of March. That or an early round exit. As Kentucky fans though we have to trust in John Calipari to get this team to play together, he has done it late before. Just look at the team from 2013, they weren’t playing well until the tournament then they rattled off win after win and made it to the National Championship, ultimately losing to Connecticut.

Do you Kentucky fans believe that Cal can turn this around? This Kentucky fan thinks he can.


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