Greatest Player from Each Sport

No matter what sport it is there will always be a debate on who the best player ever for that sport is. Today we are going to look at who are considered the best players in each of the four major North American sports.

First let’s look at the NFL. There isn’t much of an argument for this one. Pretty much everyone agrees that it is Wide Receiver Jerry Rice. Not only is Rice considered the best receiver in NFL history but the best player overall, and his stats tend to back that up. With the most receiving yards, touchdowns, and receptions Rice cemented his legacy as the greatest of all time.

Next is the NBA. There is more of an argument for the greatest basketball player of all time. Most consider it to to be Shooting Guard Michael Jordan, others say it is Point Guard Earvin “Magic” Johnson and a select few think it is current play Lebron James. Anyone can argue for each of these players. In my opinion the greatest player of all time is Magic Johnson. I think he was better than Michael Jordan for a couple of reasons. First off, Johnson could play all five positions and play them well. Jordan, on a good day, could maybe play up to small forward and that would be about it. Second, I feel like he impacted the game more. Johnson was an assist master he could get the ball to the right place every time. He was also a match-up nightmare, Johnson is 6 foot 9. He had the athletic ability ti play point guard and shooting guard, and the height and strength to play small forward, power forward and center. At the end of his career though I believe that Lebron James will be the greatest player of all time. He will have the stats and the records to back it up.

Next is the MLB. Much like the NBA the best player in MLB history is up for debate. Most people, myself included, think that Babe Ruth is the best player of all time. He was the home run king for several decades and his stats still hold up well today despite him playing from 1914 to 1934. He is a seven time World Series Champion and led the American League in home runs 12 times. The only player who I think should be in the conversation is Cy Young. Cy Young is considered the best pitcher ever, and with good reason. Cy Young has 511 wins as a pitcher, the most wins by far. Other than these two I do not think there are any other players that should be in the conversation.

Lastly, let’s talk about the NHL. There is no argument for this one. The greatest hockey player of all time is Wayne Gretzky. Gretzky has the most goals in the history of the NHL by a large margin with 2,857, the next closest player is Jaromir Jagr with 1,898. He also has the most points in an NHL season with 215, the next closest is Mario Lemieux with 199. There is no one else to compare to, Gretzky is undoubtedly the greatest player in NHL history.

Who do you guys think are the greatest players ever?

Here is a video of a list of the most dominate sports athletes:


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