NCAA Basketball Rankings


I’ve talked about professional sports up until this point, now I want to take a look at collegiate sports. More specifically college basketball.

This year’s college basketball season has been a wild ride like no one expected. No team in the top 25 is safe this year. It seems unlike most years there is no clear cut favorite to win the national championship. There have been a few weekends where more than half of the top ten ranked teams have all lost. It has been pure chaos this year in college basketball.

Let’s look at the standings now. There is only one team that is still undefeated, the Gonzaga Bulldogs. But as it always goes with Gonzaga there are doubters of how good they really are as they play in one of the weakest conferences in the NCAA.  They play in the West Coast Conference who’s second best team is Saint Mary’s University. If they get by them Gonzaga will likely finish the regular season undefeated and go into the NCAA Tournament as a 1 seed. But a lot can happen in that time and Saint Mary’s is not going to just lay down, they will fight and battle till that final buzzer sounds.

The other predictions for the number 1 seeds are Villanova, Kansas, and Baylor. All of these teams are very good and will be tough to beat, but as we have seen all season anybody can beat anyone this year.

Along with the surprising upsets this year there are some surprise teams ranked in the top 25. Like Saint Mary’s, who I mentioned above, they are a tough team this year and are ranked at 20, they will be a challenge for anyone who has to play them in the tournament. another surprise team is Creighton, they are ranked 23 in the country. Ever since Creighton lost Doug McDermott they haven’t really been able to compete at a high level.

No matter how you look at it this year’s NCAA Tournament will be just as exciting as ever. As always people will fill out millions of tournament brackets trying to pick the winner, with no clear favorite it will be interesting to see who the public will pick to win it all.


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